Madame Chaot on Polaroid

Another Polaroid sneak preview on Polaroid / Fuji FP-100: Studio shooting featuring the magnificent Madame Chaot.
Lighting with one single 86" Paul C. Buff PLM


"Madame Chaot" studio session
Hasselblad 500 | Polaroid/Fuji FP-100 | Paul C. Buff PLM Light Modifier

Polaroid Nude Shooting - it´s not a trick, it´s Impossible

Studio Shooting featuring Anna. (#NSFW)
Shot entirely on film (Kodak Portra 800 - on it´s way to the lab) and Impossible SX-70 B&W.


Model: Anna
Film: Impossible SX-70 B&W | Camera: Polaroid SX-70

World Laughter Day 2015

Zum Weltlachtag 2015 - Happy

It´s World Laughter Day 2015 today - Happy