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Der Sommer hat sich schon verabschiedet und mit ihm die Möglichkeit, auch außerhalb des Studios nude art zu fotografieren. Insofern war es doppeltes Glück, dass ich am letzten wirklich hochsommerlichen Tag in Norddeutschland die Chance hatte, das Bremer Model "Arcticas Nightmare" im Studio begrüßen zu dürfen. In einem früheren ">Blogpost hatte ich schon erste Eindrücke auf " rel="external">Polaroid gezeigt. Bei unserem Shooting Ende August sind wir dann auch aus dem Studio heraus gegangen und haben einen im Innenhof liegenden etwas verwilderten Gartenbereich genutzt. Hier sind zwei Serien auf Kleinbildfilm entstanden. Bilder aus dieser Serie sowie einige andere Fotos findet Ihr in der aktualisierten Nude Galerie.

Die Filme habe ich übrigens wieder bei Carmencita Film Lab in Valencia entwickeln und scannen lassen. Nach einigen Tests verschiedener Labore in Europa und USA kann ich sagen, dass ich mein Labor gefunden habe. Kein anderes Labor bringt es für mich bei den verschiedensten Bildern und Stilen so auf den Punkt.

Hier zeige ich Euch ein paar Bilder, die ich als Einzelaufnahmen fotografiert habe, und die deshalb nicht im Galeriebereich zu finden sind…

English Summary
Summer has already waved goodbye for this year - but I can say, that I was lucky enough to welcome "Arcticas Nightmare" from Bremen in the studio on the last really hot day of 2015 in Northern Germany. Please check out my latest gallery update featuring this incredible young lady who runs a spectacular tumblr page, which you can find

All new films were developed and scanned at
Carmencita Film Lab in Valencia/Spain. I must admit, that I finally found "my" lab. No other lab gets it right for me in such a consistent way - no matter what I´m after - those guys really nail it.


"Arcticas Nightmare - Flaming Red" shot on Lomography Redscale (no photoshopping - this film rocks!)
exposed at half box speed, dev/scan by Carmencita Film Lab,
this image is available as C-Print…


"Arcticas Nightmare" on Lomography Redscale (no photoshopping - this film rocks!)
exposed at half box speed, dev/scan by Carmencita Film Lab


"Arcticas Nightmare" on Agfa RSX 200 slide film - this was my last roll of RSX Sad
exposed at ISO 160, dev/scan by Carmencita Film Lab

Madame Chaot on Polaroid

Another Polaroid sneak preview on Polaroid / Fuji FP-100: Studio shooting featuring the magnificent Madame Chaot.
Lighting with one single 86" Paul C. Buff PLM


"Madame Chaot" studio session
Hasselblad 500 | Polaroid/Fuji FP-100 | Paul C. Buff PLM Light Modifier

Studio Shooting mit Miri

Heute hatte ich nach längerer Zeit wieder einmal Gelegenheit, ein reines Spaß-Projekt im Studio zu realisieren. Wie schon häufiger bei diesen Gelegenheiten, konnte ich mit Miri arbeiten. Hier ist ein Polaroid/Fuji FP100, aufgenommen mit der Hasselblad.

Today, I had the opportunity to shoot some fun-stuff with model Miri in the studio. This is an image taken with the Hasselblad on Polaroid/Fuji FP100.


"Perfect Boys Only Exist In Books", serial of images, Polaroid/Fuji FP100, un-retouched, scanned (sorry for the dust spots)
(Hasselblad 500, Carl Zeiss Sonnar 150mm)

Pola Flowers - again Happy

It´s Springtime! Well - almost.
At least you can see some flowers trying to catch some light.

So, what´s better than shooting tulips on Film?
I took the opportunity to point my Carl Zeiss Sonnar 150 equipped with an extension ring at the flowers.
Some test shots on Fuji FP-100C wet my appetite for the final results on Kodak Portra 400.
The roll is packed and shipped to Spain to Carmencita Film Lab.
So in the meantime while I´m waiting for the Portra to be developed and scanned, here´s one Fuji-Pola shot:


Tulips, 2015

Shot on Fuji FP-100C on a Hasselblad 500c/m, Sonnar 150mm

New Developer Spuersinn "Joe"

I just completed my 5 rolls of Tri-X using the brand new Spuersinn "Joe" for roll 4 + 5.Take a look at the image below: it is 95% unretouched. Only a bit of sharpening (due to the imperfections of my Scanner) and some minor corrections on the background.

Joe works surprisingly well; I used the suggested 1+6 dilution and developed according to the preliminary manual (6:30 Min., Ilford agitation).
I really like the results. Can´t think of real improvements that might be necessary. So, thank you Spuersinn for giving us photogs some kind of "New Age Rodinal" Happy


Model: Lina-Piel T.
Kodak Tri-X 400@100, Spuersinn Joe (1+6, 6:30, 20°C, Ilford agitation)
Hasselblad 500c/m, Planar 80mm, f9,5,
one single strip light camera right, slightly behind the model

Analog rocks!

Today, I received my first rolls of film, developed and scanned in Spain by the wonderful Carmencita Film Lab.
If you are a film photographer, no matter if you shoot 35mm or medium format, give them a try. They do a brilliant job!!

I took my new toy with me on holiday - the Hasselblad 500c/m with the excellent Zeiss Planar 80mm and shot some pictures on film - leaving the M8 in the bag. The images below are straight from the lab - absolutely no photoshopping, tweaking, tuning or whatever.

The black and white image was shot on Kodak Tri-X, the color images are Kodak Portra 400, rated at ISO200.


Bodiam Castle, East Sussex, Detail


Bodiam Castle, East Sussex


Rye Harbour Nature Reserve, East Sussex