Checkpoint Charlie

To see and learn what´s going on here on my website I decided to track some information. Recently I learned that almost 100% of my visitors are located in English speaking countries. Therefore - even though my English is rather imperfect - I decided to go on writing in English here...

Anyway,...A couple of days ago I was Berlin walking along the Streets of "Berlin Mitte". One of the historic places of importance there is, of course, the former Allied Checkpoint Charlie. In the days of the "Cold War" this was one of the border crossings in the heart of Berlin, where the the western world ended. In these days it is a tourist attraction. The "soldiers" of today are actors with a license for street sale of being photographed...


Tourists taking photos of "soldiers" at Checkpoint Charlie.


At the end of the working day the actors bundle up the things they bring to their "stage"


They rush away using a supermarket trolley (or shopping cart, if you prefer)