Studio Shooting mit Miri

Heute hatte ich nach längerer Zeit wieder einmal Gelegenheit, ein reines Spaß-Projekt im Studio zu realisieren. Wie schon häufiger bei diesen Gelegenheiten, konnte ich mit Miri arbeiten. Hier ist ein Polaroid/Fuji FP100, aufgenommen mit der Hasselblad.

Today, I had the opportunity to shoot some fun-stuff with model Miri in the studio. This is an image taken with the Hasselblad on Polaroid/Fuji FP100.


"Perfect Boys Only Exist In Books", serial of images, Polaroid/Fuji FP100, un-retouched, scanned (sorry for the dust spots)
(Hasselblad 500, Carl Zeiss Sonnar 150mm)

Pola Flowers - again Happy

It´s Springtime! Well - almost.
At least you can see some flowers trying to catch some light.

So, what´s better than shooting tulips on Film?
I took the opportunity to point my Carl Zeiss Sonnar 150 equipped with an extension ring at the flowers.
Some test shots on Fuji FP-100C wet my appetite for the final results on Kodak Portra 400.
The roll is packed and shipped to Spain to Carmencita Film Lab.
So in the meantime while I´m waiting for the Portra to be developed and scanned, here´s one Fuji-Pola shot:


Tulips, 2015

Shot on Fuji FP-100C on a Hasselblad 500c/m, Sonnar 150mm